At Starstruck Eventing, our primary goal is to introduce horses to the sport of Eventing in a compassionate, sympathetic way. Always prioritizing the best interests of the horse, we treat each animal as an individual by evaluating suitability factors such as temperament, soundness, and overall aptitude for sport. It is not, and will never be, part of the Starstruck Eventing program to rush a horse through the levels. Utmost attention is given to correct and thorough horse training, and each horse is given the time it deserves to truly understand what is required of him. 

Meet the Team

Nikki Littrell


Nikki grew up in the panhandle of Florida and was on a horse before she could walk. As a teen she progressed to training and competing on the breed show circuits, racking up several year end and world show titles including a Reserve World Championship and a World Championship title. During this time she developed a talent starting young horses as well as working with difficult horses and transforming them into horses that were willing to please and happy to do their job. It is her firm belief that every horse has something unique and valuable to teach us if we are willing to listen and learn from them. As she reached her mid-20s her interests shifted to the English world and her love for Eventing blossomed. Her current goals are to develop a horse to the Advanced level and compete in a FEI event.


Cesar Beltran

Barn Manager/Assistant Trainer

Cesar began working for Starstruck Eventing in January of 2017. His experience with ranch horses lends itself to a practical no-nonsense approach to putting the basics on our young horses. His strong emphasis on ground work ensures that any horse in our program has a well rounded education.




Every stable needs a good mascot! I don't think there is a more adorable kitten on the planet.