Consignment Sales


Full Training Consignment

We offer a very unique consignment opportunity for your sale horse. While most programs charge full training prices and a percentage of the sale price in commission, we take a different approach. Horses here for consignment must pay board and any "extra" expenses (such as vet, farrier, show entries, etc), however nothing is charged for any training or advertisement. You tell us what you want for your horse, we will either, through training and competition, increase the value of your horse and take our fee "off the top" of your asking price, or charge a 10% commission, whichever is more. The only hitch to this arrangement is you must agree to allow us to have your horse for a minimum of 60 days, after which time you can take your horse home and owe nothing (except any unpaid board). We believe this approach is in the best interest of the horse owner. Many times what a trainer is making in monthly training fees will outweigh what they would make in commission. This presents a large conflict of interest for the trainer. With our system, we make nothing unless the horse sells and how much we make depends solely on how good of a job we do training and advertising your horse. If we do a poor job, we stand to gain nothing.

Advertising Consignment

We will be happy to list your horse for sale on our site and market it on social media. A trainer will come out and thoroughly evaluate the horse to ensure that an accurate description of the horse is represented in any ads. A 5% commission will be charged if the horse is sold through our efforts. 


Before and After Photos