Starstruck Incentive Program

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Select horses purchased from Starstruck Eventing will be eligible to win $500 if one of the following conditions is met:

  • Win a CCI 1* event

  • Place top 3 at a CCI 2* event

  • Place top 10 at a CCI 3* event

  • Complete a CCI 4* event on a number


  • The results of the placing are verifiable through the FEI Database

  • Upon completion of the event a public Facebook or Instagram post is made detailing your journey and tagging the Starstruck Eventing page/account


Eligible Horses

Horse eligibility will be at the sole discretion of Starstruck Eventing. Not all horses sold from the program will qualify. The current list of eligible horses is as follows (listed in alphabetical order)




JC: Swaggy's Se'Cute
2012 Thoroughbred Gelding
16.2 Hands




2014 Thoroughbred Gelding
16 Hands


Hey Bartender

2012 Thoroughbred Gelding
16.1 Hands